Redcar 0.13
21 Jan 2012

The most significant new feature in this release is Project Sessions, which a few of us have been working on and incorporates several features:

  • projects windows remember their size and location (Markus Kahl)
  • open files in a project are saved and restored (Christopher Wade)
  • cursor and selections for files in a project are remembered and restored (Christopher Wade)

Filter and jump to any class or method definition across an entire project, with Project / Find declaration.

All the settings for the currently open tab, such as language, tab width, word wrap, margin and so on, are now found in the Edit menu instead of in a speedbar.

There is a new language filter for changing the grammar used in the open file, instead of a giant combo box:

Finally, we have removed the broken remote project support in this release. We’d love to see it return as a plugin, so if anyone wants to take that on, let me know!

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