Redcar 0.12
07 Jan 2012

We’ve streamlined the installation of Redcar further with this release by depending more on Rubygems. To get the latest version just run:

$ gem install redcar

So, what’s new?

First, Delisa Mason’s new icon, looking great in red or blue. The tram (the Redcar) looks like it’s ready to leap up over the hill.

Next up is OS X Lion support. We support fullscreen mode, and the native OSX toolbar. However there are some performance problems with the OS X toolbar, so it is not visible by default. Turn it on in the View menu if you’re ok with that.

More Emacs style shortcuts: Ctrl+F, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+K, etc.

Navigation history browsing by Shinichi Katayama. This useful patch allows you to move back and forward through your edit history. Find it in the Edit/Document Navigation menu.

More new features:

  • Wonderful colourful icons by Delisa Mason.
  • Fixes to the auto-indenter, it should be MUCH less annoying now. (Still some kinks to work out.)
  • Wildcards in project search by Delisa Mason
  • Redcar checks for updates once a day, and you can see any new updates in the Help menu (and turn the feature off if you desire.)

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time between releases, some of the core team members have had a busy year. We’ll be making more regular progress again in 2012.

new year wishes,


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