Redcar 0.11 - Fast project search
23 Mar 2011

Some great new features in this release.

Fast project search

This is huge. The project search is now backed by Lucene. Indexing all of Redcar takes a few seconds, and searches are lightning fast.

User definable keys

You’ve been waiting for this, from the Help/Keyboard shortcuts viewer you can now specify new keybindings for any Redcar command. Thanks to Chris Nelson for taking the lead and implementing this. (This applies to commands in the menus, text navigation actions are implemented differently, but hopefully we can add definable behaviour to them soon as well.)

Ignore files and directories

The project context menu now contains options to ignore files and directories. They won’t show up in the fuzzy finder or the project search. Thanks to new contributor Benedikt Müller.

Recent project finder

Sometimes it’s the small things that you wonder how you managed to live without them. Benedikt has also implemented a recent project fuzzy finder, making opening one of your projects a matter of a few keystrokes:

Fuzzy file finder understands directories

Thanks to Tim, you can now specify a directory before the fuzzy file name. NB, although the filename is matched fuzzily, the directory name must be a substring of the directory. We’ll try and remove this restriction soon.

Many more small improvements

See the CHANGES file for the full details.

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