Redcar 0.10 - New look, Mirah support, better Find & Replace
17 Jan 2011

Redcar 0.10 is out! It’s been almost two months since the last release, where does the time go?

Some highlights of this release:

Better search and replace

The find speedbar is now incremental, meaning it now searches as you type, thanks to Delisa.

New contributor Tom Murray has been working hard on improving the find and replace speedbar. The appearance needs tweaking, for sure, but it’s much more useful than before.

He also found time to implement ‘dialog-less’ search and replace commands as in Textmate:

Mirah support

New contributor Michal Hantl and Delisa together implemented Mirah syntax checking and a Mirah REPL!

New look

New contributor Max Hawkins came out of nowhere with a substantially cooler tab colour scheme. The screenshot above shows what it looks like.

More than 2 notebooks

Can’t see myself wanting this too often, but nonetheless you can now have an unlimited number of open notebooks. Can still only split in one orientation though, before you get too excited. This is thanks to new contributor Dotan J. Nahum.

And more!

  • the REPL now has a cute block cursor (Delisa)
  • there is a configurable test runner, which can run the test associated with the current file (new contributor Chris Nelson)
  • reveal file in directory tree is now optional (Delisa)
  • the fuzzy file finder ignores spaces (new contributor Tomasz Wegrzanowski)
  • “close others” and “close all” commands (Clinton Nixon)
  • cursor movement from selection more standard (Frederik Fix)

And still more!.


Lots of commands have swapped keybindings in this release. In particular, the tab info speedbar has changed from Cmd+Shift+E to Ctrl+Shift+E on OSX, and to Alt+E on Lin/Win. Also Go To Declaration is now Ctrl+Alt+G on OSX and Alt+G on Lin/Win.

Thanks everyone who helped with this release.

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