Redcar 0.9 - Margin & word wrap, JavaScript syntax checking, more Groovy!
25 Nov 2010

Redcar 0.9 is here! Some great new stuff in this release.

As usual, to upgrade or install, install the gem then run the installer

      $ sudo gem install redcar
  $ redcar install

(If you get permissions problems on the ~/.redcar directory, try removing it and trying again.)

Margin and word wrap

Thanks to Tim, the margin column is now highlighted by a line or a shaded area on the right-hand side. I’ve managed to fix the word wrap to wrap correctly at the margin column too, instead of always wrapping at the far right edge of the widget.

Small things, but surprising how much more useable it makes the editor.

First Groovy support

The first layer of Groovy support is here. We have jump to declaration support, and syntax checking! Don’t forget we’ve had a Groovy REPL for a while now so the basics of a cool Groovy editor are there. That’s the work of Delisa Mason.

JavaScript syntax checking

Also from Delisa, your JavaScript is now syntax checked! Hopefully someone will contribute a JavaScript repl soon…. </plaintive>

Let’s see…. what else?

Tree tabs now have close buttons when hovered over (Tim):


  • Tabs display an alert icon if they are not writeable. (Delisa Mason)
  • Font and theme dialogs update as you choose so you can see what you are getting. (Tim Felgentreff)
  • The app bundle has been updated, download it here. (Charles Nutter)

And a lot more tweaks and fixes on top! See the CHANGES file for full details.

That’s all for now. I’m still working on the Lucene project indexer, sorry to not get it out in this release as promised. Also there are encoding fixes still to come.

See you again soon!


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