Redcar 0.8 - Ruby syntax checker, Comment code
26 Oct 2010

It’s been over three weeks, so we’re well past due for a release!

As usual, to upgrade or install, install the gem then run the installer

      $ sudo gem install redcar
  $ redcar install

(If you get permissions problems on the ~/.redcar directory, try removing it and trying again.)

An enormous amount of good stuff in this release, thanks mainly to Tim Felgentreff and Delisa Mason. There’s too much to mention in one blog post, but here are some highlights:

Syntax checking for Ruby

Tim has given us a Ruby syntax checker, which will highlight any syntax errors when the file is saved. This currently works with Ruby 1.8.7 syntax. Read more at Tim’s blog.

The way Tim has built this, it’s very easy to add syntax checkers for other languages (particularly JVM languages). Hint, hint :)

Commenting at last

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have the ability to comment out code. We have 45 languages hooked up. Thanks to Delisa for contributing this much needed function.

Clipboard history viewer and paster

Redcar has been keeping a clipboard history for a while, but there has been no commands that allow you to use it. Until now. Delisa gives us a clipboard history paster and a clipboard history viewer

Use Redcar as a git message editor

We now support the -w commandline switch to block the prompt when piping into or opening files on an existing Redcar instance. Thanks to Tim for that. This means you can use Redcar to edit your Git commit messages.

We call this the “Get Konstantin to use Redcar” feature and we’re very proud of it :)

Web Preview files and Bookmarks

Back to Delisa again, for a web bookmarks browser:

And web preview plugin:

Very handy. See the Users Guide for info on how to use the bookmarks.

Full screen mode

Thanks to Matt Scharley:

Bug Hunt

We had a successful bug hunt at the weekend, with 21 bugs fixed or closed.

Lots more!

  • There is now a project command to open a file in the default program for files of that type. (Jeremy Wentworth)
  • Changing to another tab reveals the file in the project tree (Johannes Wollert)
  • Redcar now notices if you rename a file, and the tab title will change accordingly. You’ll also be notified if the file is deleted from under you. (Delisa)
  • The Fuzzy File Finder will follow symlinks to directories (Tim)
  • Deleting a file from the project tree will move it to the trash, if the OS permits (Tim)
  • Help menu commands for viewing online help and submitting bugs (Delisa)

and like I said, check out the CHANGES file for the full list of changes.

Thanks very much, and see you in a couple of weeks!


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