Redcar 0.7 - Macros, vertical tabs for treebook, Experimental Subversion integration
04 Oct 2010

It’s that time again! Exciting features in this release. To re-up:

      $ sudo gem install redcar
  $ redcar install


Start and stop recording with Cmd+Alt+M, run the last recorded macro with Cmd+Shift+M, name and manage macros in the Macro Manager.

Something of an experiment is Predictive Macros, I’d like your feedback on how this works for you. The idea is that after a repeated sequence of commands, (or even a partially repeated sequence of commands), Redcar can figure out what you want to do next by looking at the command history. Here’s a short screencast demoing it for a simple case.

Essentially, if you notice you are repeating yourself, try pressing Predict (Cmd+P/Ctrl+P) and see what happens.

Please give feedback on how this works for you. (#redcar on

Treebook Tabs

Tim pulled an amazing all-nighter to give us this custom SWT widget for managing open trees. The combo box is gone and we now have vertical tabs alongside the trees (see left). This makes it much easier to switch trees and see what you have open.

Experimental SVN Integration

Delisa has been working on SVN integration, which you can also see to the left. She asked that it be tagged as “experimental”, so again if you have any feedback, please let us know.

Tidier Edit Menu!

Last week we discussed Operation Edit Menu Tidy Up, and Delisa volunteered! Not even as a punishment for anything! So the edit menu is now a lot tidier than in 0.6.


There are a few more minor improvements and API changes, check out the CHANGES file for full details.

Next Week

We have a couple more plugins already written, that should be making it into core. Including a Paste History browser, so watch out for that. As for myself, some encoding bugs have cropped up so I’m going to look at those, and aside from that a general bug hunt seems like a good idea from looking at the Lighthouse…

See you next time!

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