Redcar 0.6 - Toolbar, line editing tools, Groovy REPL!
21 Sep 2010

It’s been two weeks since the last release, so here’s 0.6 with some cool new editing features.

To upgrade to the new version:

      $ sudo gem install redcar
  $ redcar install

We have a toolbar at last! Your plugins can add items to it in a similar way to menus. Thanks to Alex for getting this ready.

It is turned off on OS X by default because we have not been able to get the native appearance correct yet. We are working on it but until then it is your choice whether you activate it or not.

We have a bunch of new commands for text editing.

The line tools contributed by Delisa:

Other new editing commands:

And before you ask: we know the edit menu is crazy long now. Anyone who mentions it is automatically volunteering themselves for Operation Tidy Up. So be warned. :)

There is a simple Groovy REPL, also thanks to Delisa:

There are more runnables improvements, thanks to Mat

  • copy output to clipboard link
  • ‘run again’ button

Other improvements:

  • Added a ‘Open Directory as new project’ context menu item (Delisa Mason)
  • find-in-project: Search spinner, remember search settings, wrap long lines, styling updates (Kieran Pilkington)
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