Redcar 0.5 - Context menu, Splash screen
07 Sep 2010

It’s been two weeks since the last release, and what we have for you today is mainly a bunch of fixes and minor enhancements, with just a couple of very visible features.

First, the installation has changed slightly. Now do:

      $ sudo gem install redcar
  $ redcar install 

NOTE there is no sudo for the second command, which should solve a few people’s problems. Changing the installer and runner is always a painful business, so please let us know if you have problems, on the mailing list or in IRC.

Feature-wise, Redcar finally has a context menu, thanks to Delisa:

We also have a, gasp, Splash Screen. This is something I view with some distaste, but facts are facts, and Redcar start-up time is not as fast as I’d like. (Once it’s running, Redcar is fast by my standards. It’s just that startup time…)

The picture credit should go to Wikipedia user Oleknutlee for his beautiful photo of one of the old Pacific Electric Railway trams.

Other changes:

  • The SCM trees must now be opened manually from the Project/Source Control menu. This restores projects that open instantaneously, since investigating all the git submodules in a project can take quite a bit of time. (Dan Lucraft)
  • Indenting a block of text is now a single undo operation (Johannes Wollert)
  • Menu items can now be checkbox styles (Alex Lourie)
  • Runnables work on Windows (Mat Schaffer)
  • Open directory in command line / os directory viewer (Delisa Mason & Matt Scharley)
  • Redcar will now test your JVM to determine if it supports 32bit client mode, and use it if so. (Dan Lucraft & Alex Lourie)
  • The find-in-project plugin now streams results, and displays an “N results in P files” counter (Kieran Pilkington)

There are also quite a few bug fixes. See the changes file for the full list.

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