Redcar 0.3.9 - Clojure REPL, Experimental Remote Editing and Search and Replace
12 Aug 2010

Redcar 0.3.9 should be available on as you read this. LOTS of stuff in this release, from 11 contributors, which is a record for Redcar!

Clojure REPL

From David Byrne: a Clojure REPL. This is a simple repl, with no real editor integration yet, but it’s the first step in bringing Clojure into Redcar. This embeds the repl from Enclojure, which is a great project for Clojure IDE tools.

Experimental Remote Editing

This is a big one, from Felipe Coury and myself: Remote editing. This could use some more work, which is why it gets the tag of EXPERIMENTAL. But I use it every day for work so it’s in! Please help test it, and when it breaks - which it will - please submit a patch that fixes it!

Search and Replace

Thanks to William Cherry, we now have search and replace in documents working:


Thanks to Mat Schaffer, we’ve got all your case-changing needs covered:

Thanks to Delisa Mason, for working on polishing and improving Runnables:

  • they now run with a current directory of your project directory
  • they are grouped by type in the runnables tree (to the left you can see my Rake tasks.)
  • they can run without a tab, where the output isn’t important

She’s also published a collection of Runnables definitions for use with Grails, Subversion, Rabbit VCS and Maven here. These are great examples of the power of Runnables.

And finally:

  • Matthew Scharley added an internal API to allow plugins to add commands to the project context menu. Also a –fork option, which detaches Redcar from the console (not entirely sure about the safety of this, we’ll see.)

You can safely expect to see more from Matthew in future releases judging from his rate of output now ;)

  • Kieran Pilkington fixed a crashing bug.
  • Kurt Werle contributed a Reload File command.
  • John Wells created a view to see information on all the bundles you have installed.
  • Delisa Mason, again, with a Help menu command to show all Redcar keybindings. Handy!
  • Johannes Wollert, with some internal changes to make word matching more powerful. “foo?” is a word in Ruby now!


This was a big release (it’s been exactly a month since 0.3.8). In fact it was much too big. I know I’ve said this before, but I mean it this time: we are going to have smaller releases, more often.

A stack of contributions are piling up for 0.3.10 and onwards: a todo list plugin, paren highlighting, … even source control integration. Can’t wait to merge them in and get them out!

Best wishes, and many thanks to all the Redcar contributors - Dan Lucraft

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