Redcar 0.3.8 is out
12 Jul 2010

Redcar 0.3.8 is out. A mixed bag of features this week. My focus has been on the new runnables support, which lets you run rake tasks (or any command) in Redcar.

Rather than teach Redcar about every build system in existence, I’ve taken the view that it’s easier to create a single extension syntax that language users can use to define their own tasks.

This extends the Textmate philosophy of declarative extension points into a new area. The runnables syntax should be powerful enough that any build system, any task system, can express it’s commands in it, and have them loaded into Redcar in a consistent way.

The wiki page at github describes how to get this working for your Ruby project. It’s pretty rough and ready, I hope we can get a nicer redcar-ruby gem going that handles this kind of thing for you.

Faster install, Select Word

fcoury has made a patch that should make updating Redcar much faster, by caching the swt jars in your home directory.

A new contributor, Johannes Wollert, has jumped right in with a Select Word command, and key commands to move tabs up and down. Also the searchbar will now open with the selected text if there is any. Thanks Garstger!


The end key works on Windows again! Yay! Happy ending everyone.

BTW, Redcar needs Windows devs, to stop this sort of thing happening. I’m just not that good with Windows which makes testing and debugging for releases on Windows disproportionately painful…

In next weeks episode....

There is some good stuff piling up from contributors for the next release: search and replace in tab, remote editing, a Clojure REPL and hopefully even more! Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss it.

Thanks, and enjoy. Dan Lucraft

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