Redcar 0.3.7 - project actions
24 Jun 2010

I just pushed Redcar 0.3.7.

This release focusses on the project pane, adding file actions like New File, Rename, Delete. Also you can now drag and drop files or directories around in panes and between panes.

I’m particularly pleased with the “Bulk Rename” action.

There are a few fixes of annoying bugs, like the Shift+End misbehaviour on Linux.

The way the project features are implemented makes use of new plugin APIs on the Tree objects, meaning that plugin authors can implement editing, right clicks and drag and drop in trees as well.

The full feature list:

  • Can create new files and directories, rename and delete files in the Project pane (Dan Lucraft)
  • Can Bulk Rename files in projects with regular expression replacement (Dan Lucraft)
  • Can drag and drop files and directories in the Project pane (Dan Lucraft)
  • Won’t leave an empty window open when you open a project (Aaron McLeod)
  • Optionally show hidden files in the project pane (Dan Lucraft)
  • Fixed Shift+End on Linux to highlight to end of line rather than go to end of file (Dan Lucraft)
  • Fixed launching redcar with “jruby” command (Aaron McLeod)
  • Context menu callback for trees (Dan Lucraft)
  • Tree gained new methods for editing and expanding rows. (Dan Lucraft)
  • new Tree DragController SPI for responding to drag and drop events (Dan Lucraft)
  • Improvements to the HtmlView for interacting between Ruby controllers and JavaScript events (Dan Lucraft)
  • In HtmlViews form submissions can go to the Ruby controller (Dan Lucraft)

Enjoy, and as ever, let me know if you have any problems.

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