Redcar 0.3.6
05 Jun 2010

Redcar 0.3.6 is out. Please download it and let us know if you have any trouble.


  • Folders open in the project view on a double click (Nizar Jouini)
  • Drag and drop tabs (Tim Felgentreff)
  • Change font and theme commands (Sam Clopton)
  • Word wrap option (Dan Lucraft)
  • Toggle line numbers (Dan Lucraft)
  • Can put TM themes and bundles into .redcar/{Bundles,Themes} (Dan Lucraft)
  • Home command goes to start of text first then start of line (Dan Lucraft)
  • The project view has a fixed width that doesn’t change if you resize the main window (Tim Felgentreff)
  • Optional margin that colours text differently past a configurable column. (Dan Lucraft)
  • Experimental app bundle for Mac OSX. (Tim Felgentreff)
  • Moved to JRuby 1.5 (Dan Lucraft)
  • Opens content from stdin (Dan Lucraft)
  • Dev versions of Redcar have a blue icon (Dan Lucraft)

New APIs:

  • Annotations column (Dan Lucraft)
  • Open popup menu and tooltips at cursor/pointer locations (Dan Lucraft)

New contributors:

  • Nizar Jouini
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