Redcar 0.3.5 is out!
01 May 2010

Redcar 0.3.5 is available on Please download it and let us know how you get on.

New features

  • Smart indentation.
  • Jump to method/constant/class declaration support for Ruby and Java
  • Background tasks to speed up e.g. Find File
  • Show invisible characters option
  • Navigating large files should feel much faster and more responsive (due to faster and a bit lazier highlighter)
  • Prompts to save on exit if you have modified files
  • Watches for changes to open files and reloads if necessary

Smaller enhancements

  • Double click respects word boundaries
  • Window titlebar shows the project dirname
  • Duplicate region command
  • Switch tab commands (Cmd or Alt 1, 2, 3 etc)

See the CHANGES file for the full list!

API changes

There are also some important new internal APIs for Redcar plugin developers, and changes:

  • Background Task API
  • Refreshable resource abstraction
  • Project refresh API for plugins
  • Project::FileList, which provides plugins with information about files in the project, and modifications times.
  • A new ‘lazy_sub_menu’ method in the Menu::Builder, for creating menus that populate as you look at them.
  • Built in commands for profiling Redcar with jruby-prof
  • A Task Manager view, for inspecting running, pending and completed tasks
  • A Command History view, which replaces “looking in the console for errors”

New contributors

We have some new contributors with this release:

  • Antono Vasiljev
  • Sergey Potapov
  • Kirill Nikitin
  • Juozas Gaigalas
  • Tim Felgentreff

And thanks to Github, the list of contributors sorted by number of commits is now available.


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