Redcar 0.3.3dev Released
21 Feb 2010

Redcar 0.3.3dev is now available on Gemcutter. Install it and let us know what you think.

This release adds configurable tab widths, soft tabs and single instance support.

You’ll notice that the language combo box has disappeared from the bottom of the window. We’ve turned that into a speedbar so it’s hidden by default. This makes the main window even less cluttered. You can get it back by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E (or Cmd+Shift+E on OSX).

Remember, these are developer pre-releases! You should save often because hard crashes aren’t unheard of.

We’ve also officially dropped plans to support Textmate commands now. Textmate highlighting (done) and snippets (to be done soon) will still be supported, but commands are extremely difficult to make work cross platform, and we have some other ideas that we think are more exciting.

best, danlucraft

    $ sudo gem install redcar
    $ sudo redcar install
All new features
  • Tab stops:
    • Can set tab width for open tab.
    • Default tab width is remembered per language.
    • Soft tabs (spaces that behave like tabs).
    • Default soft/hard option is remembered per language.
  • FindFileDialog:
    • opens with a list of files opened this session.
    • caches file list between invocations (cleared on window focus)
  • Can autocomplete with a menu popup.
  • Opens files and folders passed on the command line.
  • Reopens last open directory on startup.
  • Single instance support: redirects to currently open instance if any.
  • Added 'encryption' plugin, mainly as an example.
  • Forward search: wraps, regex option, match case option.
  • Very raw edit preferences command (Show me the YAML!)
  • Help > About command
  • Can specify HTTP_PROXY for downloading jars.
  • REPL captures and prints STDOUT
  • Can register Redcar for opening files on Windows.
Internal changes:
  • Keybindings are now stored in Keymap objects, in preparation for user preferences.
  • Speedbar now uses an EditView for textboxes.
  • Speedbars can have combos in them.
  • Speedbars have access to the properties of the widgets in them.
  • Added tab and escape key handler support to the EditView.
  • Fixed some highlighter bugs.
  • Search searches last line in doc.
  • Doesn't die on Windows-1252 encodings.
  • Plugin Manager UI works on Linux and Windows.
New contributors:
  • Roger D Pack
  • Mat Schaffer
  • Felipe Coury
  • Sam Clopton
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