Redcar 0.3.2dev released
23 Jan 2010

I just pushed 0.3.2dev, please update to it and send me your comments or bugs.

This release ports to JRuby about half the remaining features. Redcar is getting fun to use again, with autocompletion, more text commands, block typing mode and simple search.

Internally I made a ton of changes as well, particularly by completely replacing the plugin manager with a new library that’s going to make things much easier. Also we now support plugins written in HTML and JavaScript, so you can use your web development skills to extend Redcar how you want.

There are still some important things missing, the most obvious of which is configurable tab widths, which I’m going to be working on for the next release.

Remember, Redcar is open source. You should feel totally able to open up the source code and have a hack around. We try to accept patches quickly and you can ask on IRC or the mailing list if you have any trouble.

Thanks! Dan

sudo gem install redcar --pre
  $ sudo redcar install 
New features
  • Dialog API for plugins and commands to use.
  • Speedbar API for plugins and commands to use (e.g. Goto Line command).
  • Remembers last directory when opening a file/directory. (thanks Roger Pack)
  • Word movement (alt-left, alt-right) now works as it should in an editor for programmers.
  • Very simple forward search command.
  • Somewhat faster startup time.
  • Nicer error message when jruby jar is missing.
  • Goto Line command
  • Select All and Select Line commands.
  • Cut and Copy will take the line if there is no selection
  • Block typing mode
  • Auto completion
  • HTML View, with Ruby/JavaScript interface, to write plugins in HTML+CSS+JS.
  • PluginManagerUI plugin, running on the HTML View.
  • MyPlugin plugin to help newbies get started on writing plugins
  • Includes a lot more TextMate syntaxes
Internal changes
  • Ported plugins to plugin_manager gem
  • Pure Ruby clipboard and Copy/Cut/Paste commands.
  • The show more tabs menu in a notebook is handled properly.
  • Deleting a lot of lines no longer causes the last few to lose highlighting.
  • Clojure highlighting works.
  • HTML colours no longer 'bleed' past the tags
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