Redcar 0.3.1dev Released
09 Jan 2010

I just pushed 0.3.1dev to Gemcutter.

This release changes the install process slightly. You now have to do:

sudo gem install redcar --pre
  $ sudo redcar install 

This removes the ugly hack that downloads the jars as part of the gem install, because it made rubygems think ‘make’ was required when it wasn’t really.


  • Directory tree refreshes on window focus.
  • Fuzzy file finder (it's a bit slow though!)
  • Keybindings to switch tabs and notebooks.
  • Undo/redo.
  • Home/end keys.
  • Modified tabs have little stars before their names.
  • Increase indent and decrease indent commands (need further work).
  • Themes support bold, italic and underline again.
  • All commands are greyed out when inapplicable.
  • Files can not be opened twice.
  • Added Java, Perl and Ruby on Rails bundles.
  • New simpler way for bundles to add commands to menus (used in repl.rb)
  • Change to multiple key algorithms in JavaMateView - should fix a bunch of subtle highlighting bugs.
  • Runs on Java 5.
  • Open Directory doesn't log an error if you cancel.

Please kick the tires and let me know how you get on.

best, Dan

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