Christmas Gem: Redcar 0.3.0dev
25 Dec 2009

Here’s 0.3.0dev of Redcar. This is a developer preview, to let interested parties investigate the Redcar internals as we port to JRuby. You would have to be a little bit mad to want to use Redcar right now if you are not interested in hacking on it.

To install:

sudo gem install redcar --pre

Those of you who remember the old installation instructions can imagine how happy it makes me that Redcar is now packaged as a gem. (It will take a minute or so to install as it downloads all the jar files Redcar needs).�

This should work out of the box on Linux, OS X and Windows, and you do not need JRuby installed, the gem install will work fine installed under regular MRI Ruby.

Things that work in this release are:

  • Open, edit and save files.
  • Syntax highlighting (only ships with Ruby, HTML, C and a couple of others, but there's no reason we can't add more).
  • Multiple editor panes.
  • Multiple windows and projects open at the same time.
  • Auto-indenter that just keeps the indentation level the same.
  • Directory view.
Now, we obviously still have a lot of things left to port. This first release is supposed to be the absolute minimum required for me to use Redcar to edit itself. You should only use Redcar if you are interested in hacking on the internals or extending it with plugins.

It was important to get the base application framework working well before we tried to add more fancy features. This has also meant we could add things like the multiple window support that the old Redcar didn’t have, because the core of Redcar is now a lot simpler and more comprehensible.

Look at the roadmap if you are interested in the plan for porting the rest.

Happy Christmas Rubyists! redcar030dev</a>

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