JavaMateView Port Complete
06 Sep 2009

As of yesterday evening, the JavaMateView port of GtkMateView is essentially complete. Thanks go to Silvio Heuberger, Aokai, Mat Schaffer and Alex Lourie for contributing to this project.

This is terrific progress for our JRuby/SWT port. JavaMateView is the syntax highlighting editor component, which is the core of Redcar. We can now proceed with porting the rest of Redcar onto JRuby. And for free, we have complete cross platform compatibility:

Windows 7




and Mac OS X


I have now started making Redcar itself work on JRuby, which is going to take considerably longer. I want to do this right, so I’ve got a reading list on GUI architecture as long as my arm. If anyone has any good suggestions for further reading, please speak up!

As of now, Redcar HEAD will boot on JRuby, but all the plugins are turned off except for a very small core. There’s a long way to go yet, but I’m very happy with our progress so far.

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