News 26th May 2009
26 May 2009

Remembering that it is important to release soon and frequently, I have tagged version 0.2 of Redcar. There are numerous improvements and fixes, thanks to some new contributers. The installation process is slightly different, see below. Please report any bugs to the bug tracker.

I might have waited a bit longer before tagging this release, but I’m going to be very busy with work for a few weeks and I wanted to get what fixes there were out there for people to use.

This is still alpha-quality software! Use at your own risk and if there is something missing you need, add it! We will commit patches promptly.

New contributers

New features, enhancements

  • Fuzzy file finder notices new files and runs MUCH faster.
  • Undo close tab (Ctrl+Shift+T)
  • Type " or ( or [ etc to wrap selection in pair.
  • Warm startup 3 times faster.
  • Added Incremental Search menu item.
  • Now prompts to save if file is modified when closed.
  • HtmlTab now uses Webkit instead of Mozilla
  • Convert case commands
  • Keybindings match up with Gnome better (Ctrl+C/V)
  • Added Scala and Haskell bundles to the default bundle set.
  • Included Railscasts theme - thanks Ryan Bates!

I am a little disappointed that neither the bundle support nor the performance of the syntax highlighter have significantly improved in this release, and they will be the priorities for 0.3.


The installation instructions are slightly changed. In particular there are no longer any release tarballs. You have to clone the source from git. Sorry, there are still no Debian packages, but we are working on getting some ready.

Plans for 0.3

Some things 0.3 will have:

  • Improved highlighter performance - I am aware of the various issues around this. There is plenty of low-hanging fruit in this area.
  • Autocompletion - Silvio Heuberger is working on this.
  • A new smart indenter. In particular, it should handle indentation correctly in erb files.
  • RSpec, Rails and Cucumber bundles should all work
  • An embedded project pane (so the project view will no longer be in a tab).

That Railscasts theme in action:

Railscast theme

Best wishes, and thanks to everyone who has expressed support for Redcar!


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