News 5th April 2009
05 Apr 2009
  • I have pushed out release 0.1 of Redcar. Get it here.
  • Redcar has some new developers. Mark Wilkinson is responsible for the SaveAll command that is now in the File menu and Cairo Noleto has made some useful changes. Thank you to Daniel Gaiottino for filing loads of bugs too. It's nice not to be doing this on my own anymore!
  • There is now a place for documentation and API documentation.
  • Keybindings are still all over the place, so expect more changes in the near future, particularly with regard to Ctrl and Super.
  • All Source, Text and Ruby bundle commands now work. Bundles next on the hitlist are Rails, RSpec and Cucumber.
  • There are now viewable regression tests for the GtkMateView highlighter that compare HTML generated by Redcar with HTML generated by Textmate. Not amazingly useful but fun to look at.

Here is a screenshot of the fuzzy file finder:

find in project

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