News 18th Mar 2009
18 Mar 2009
  • There is a new mailing list. Please join us and help make Redcar better.
  • Redcar got reddited! This is instantly the most popular software and website I have ever written. Thanks kib2 for submitting Redcar, hope you got some good reddit points, or whatever.
  • The domain name is now to reflect that the goal for Redcar is for it to become an excellent text editor before an IDE.


  • I really am using Redcar full time, at work and at home now, and Redcar has become much more stable in recent weeks.
  • However there remain a number of serious bugs related to the editing component. Users should be careful to save regularly.
  • The Text bundle commands are completely supported, and the Source and Ruby bundles are close behind.
  • I am aware that installation is beyond difficult. However the nature of Redcar's dependencies makes packaging a challenge. I am considering a Shoes model for distribution (Shoes has an amazing installation experience), and if anyone has any experience with packaging software for Linux, please get on the mailing list and share.

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