News 18th Feb 2009
18 Feb 2009

Some more news for February:

  • I'm giving a talk on Redcar at LRUG on March 9th.
  • I've been getting up at 5:30AM so I can do an hour of Redcar before work. Things are therefore progressing a bit more rapidly now.
  • There is now a new repository of bundles for use with the Redcar project. redcar-bundles. I am working on porting the Textmate bundles over to work with Redcar. This is mainly the Support libraries, I'm trying not to touch the bundles at all so we can maintain cross-compatibility.
  • We're now using Zerenity as a CocoaDialog replacement. Zerenity was written by Farrel Lifson as a Ruby port of Zenity, the Gnome command-line dialog application. Farrel has also been good enough to implement a couple of new features and make it available as a gem for Redcar users.
  • The bug tracker is being used consistently now. And I am totally converted to Lighthouse nowadays :)

Have another screenshot too: screenshot-redcar-1

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