Approaching Release 0.1
29 Oct 2008

We’re approaching the first release of Redcar (0.1). I’m naming it the “Dogfood release” as my number one goal is that I should be able to use it myself as my primary editor. At the moment I’m managing to develop Redcar from within Redcar, but I still don’t use it for work.

Work remaining before I can package it up:

Improvements to the speedbar.

The speedbar is the function in Redcar that is like the search bar in Firefox that appears at the bottom of tabs. As previously designed there was only one speedbar per Redcar window, but I have decided that it is useful to have one per tab, so that you can have multiple editing contexts. Do you agree with this decision? Please comment.

Snippet compatibility.

I’m going to make a survey of the TextMate snippets, and try and ensure that they are as fully compatible as possible. For the Dogfood release TextMate command support is going to be patchy, though I’ll try to get as much done as possible.

Dependency packaging and build scripts.

Philip who has a blog called Ivercore has shown infinite patience in working through the dependencies needed to get Redcar installed. He’s done it twice, once before the project moved over to using GtkMateView and once after. Thanks Philip. These dependencies now need to be packaged and a build script/makefile written.

GtkMateView checklist.

The buffer reparsing needs to be finished off (at the moment it redoes the entire buffer after every keypress!). I’m thinking that the new scheme will be Emacs like, in that it will reparse your current line after every keypress and will reparse the rest of your screen only once you have rested for half a second. The Dogfood release will not include background threaded parsing, but that is a priority for after.

The Project plugin.

This has a few items needed, like a context menu and the ability to open a folder from the command line.

I hope that this release will be out sometime towards the end of November.

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