Redcar 0.13
21 Jan 2012

The most significant new feature in this release is Project Sessions, which a few of us have been working on and incorporates several features:

  • projects windows remember their size and location (Markus Kahl)
  • open files in a project are saved and restored (Christopher Wade)
  • cursor and selections for files in a project are remembered and restored (Christopher Wade)

Filter and jump to any class or method definition across an entire project, with Project / Find declaration.

All the settings for the currently open tab, such as language, tab width, word wrap, margin and so on, are now found in the Edit menu instead of in a speedbar.

There is a new language filter for changing the grammar used in the open file, instead of a giant combo box:

Finally, we have removed the broken remote project support in this release. We’d love to see it return as a plugin, so if anyone wants to take that on, let me know!

Redcar 0.12
07 Jan 2012

We’ve streamlined the installation of Redcar further with this release by depending more on Rubygems. To get the latest version just run:

$ gem install redcar

So, what’s new?

First, Delisa Mason’s new icon, looking great in red or blue. The tram (the Redcar) looks like it’s ready to leap up over the hill.

Next up is OS X Lion support. We support fullscreen mode, and the native OSX toolbar. However there are some performance problems with the OS X toolbar, so it is not visible by default. Turn it on in the View menu if you’re ok with that.

More Emacs style shortcuts: Ctrl+F, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+K, etc.

Navigation history browsing by Shinichi Katayama. This useful patch allows you to move back and forward through your edit history. Find it in the Edit/Document Navigation menu.

More new features:

  • Wonderful colourful icons by Delisa Mason.
  • Fixes to the auto-indenter, it should be MUCH less annoying now. (Still some kinks to work out.)
  • Wildcards in project search by Delisa Mason
  • Redcar checks for updates once a day, and you can see any new updates in the Help menu (and turn the feature off if you desire.)

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time between releases, some of the core team members have had a busy year. We’ll be making more regular progress again in 2012.

new year wishes,


Redcar 0.11 - Fast project search
23 Mar 2011

Some great new features in this release.

Fast project search

This is huge. The project search is now backed by Lucene. Indexing all of Redcar takes a few seconds, and searches are lightning fast.

User definable keys

You’ve been waiting for this, from the Help/Keyboard shortcuts viewer you can now specify new keybindings for any Redcar command. Thanks to Chris Nelson for taking the lead and implementing this. (This applies to commands in the menus, text navigation actions are implemented differently, but hopefully we can add definable behaviour to them soon as well.)

Ignore files and directories

The project context menu now contains options to ignore files and directories. They won’t show up in the fuzzy finder or the project search. Thanks to new contributor Benedikt Müller.

Recent project finder

Sometimes it’s the small things that you wonder how you managed to live without them. Benedikt has also implemented a recent project fuzzy finder, making opening one of your projects a matter of a few keystrokes:

Fuzzy file finder understands directories

Thanks to Tim, you can now specify a directory before the fuzzy file name. NB, although the filename is matched fuzzily, the directory name must be a substring of the directory. We’ll try and remove this restriction soon.

Many more small improvements

See the CHANGES file for the full details.

Redcar 0.10 - New look, Mirah support, better Find & Replace
17 Jan 2011

Redcar 0.10 is out! It’s been almost two months since the last release, where does the time go?

Some highlights of this release:

Better search and replace

The find speedbar is now incremental, meaning it now searches as you type, thanks to Delisa.

New contributor Tom Murray has been working hard on improving the find and replace speedbar. The appearance needs tweaking, for sure, but it’s much more useful than before.

He also found time to implement ‘dialog-less’ search and replace commands as in Textmate:

Mirah support

New contributor Michal Hantl and Delisa together implemented Mirah syntax checking and a Mirah REPL!

New look

New contributor Max Hawkins came out of nowhere with a substantially cooler tab colour scheme. The screenshot above shows what it looks like.

More than 2 notebooks

Can’t see myself wanting this too often, but nonetheless you can now have an unlimited number of open notebooks. Can still only split in one orientation though, before you get too excited. This is thanks to new contributor Dotan J. Nahum.

And more!

  • the REPL now has a cute block cursor (Delisa)
  • there is a configurable test runner, which can run the test associated with the current file (new contributor Chris Nelson)
  • reveal file in directory tree is now optional (Delisa)
  • the fuzzy file finder ignores spaces (new contributor Tomasz Wegrzanowski)
  • “close others” and “close all” commands (Clinton Nixon)
  • cursor movement from selection more standard (Frederik Fix)

And still more!.


Lots of commands have swapped keybindings in this release. In particular, the tab info speedbar has changed from Cmd+Shift+E to Ctrl+Shift+E on OSX, and to Alt+E on Lin/Win. Also Go To Declaration is now Ctrl+Alt+G on OSX and Alt+G on Lin/Win.

Thanks everyone who helped with this release.

Redcar 0.9 - Margin & word wrap, JavaScript syntax checking, more Groovy!
25 Nov 2010

Redcar 0.9 is here! Some great new stuff in this release.

As usual, to upgrade or install, install the gem then run the installer

      $ sudo gem install redcar
  $ redcar install

(If you get permissions problems on the ~/.redcar directory, try removing it and trying again.)

Margin and word wrap

Thanks to Tim, the margin column is now highlighted by a line or a shaded area on the right-hand side. I’ve managed to fix the word wrap to wrap correctly at the margin column too, instead of always wrapping at the far right edge of the widget.

Small things, but surprising how much more useable it makes the editor.

First Groovy support

The first layer of Groovy support is here. We have jump to declaration support, and syntax checking! Don’t forget we’ve had a Groovy REPL for a while now so the basics of a cool Groovy editor are there. That’s the work of Delisa Mason.

JavaScript syntax checking

Also from Delisa, your JavaScript is now syntax checked! Hopefully someone will contribute a JavaScript repl soon…. </plaintive>

Let’s see…. what else?

Tree tabs now have close buttons when hovered over (Tim):


  • Tabs display an alert icon if they are not writeable. (Delisa Mason)
  • Font and theme dialogs update as you choose so you can see what you are getting. (Tim Felgentreff)
  • The app bundle has been updated, download it here. (Charles Nutter)

And a lot more tweaks and fixes on top! See the CHANGES file for full details.

That’s all for now. I’m still working on the Lucene project indexer, sorry to not get it out in this release as promised. Also there are encoding fixes still to come.

See you again soon!


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